I have always written music. I started playing the piano at age 5 and was writing my first songs at age 12. I love writing songs in different musical styles - and I enjoy holding small, intimate concerts, studio work - anything creative where I can work with my music or other artists that I like. Lat

"Sarah Nebel" is my artist name. My birth name is Elisabeth Endresen (b.1967), and I grew up in Lillestrøm, Norway. I have worked on lots of different musical projects, done theatre and film - mostly in Los Angeles where I lived from 1992-2000. Too many projects too list here; but the ones I had the most fun with: Bit parts in "I'll do anything" (James L. Brooks), "Wild Palms" (Oliver Stone), "Babylon Five" and "Pulp Fiction" (Quentin Tarantino). I was part of the rock group "Six Stories" and other musical projects - playing most of the major L.A. Clubs during the late nineties.My first solo album, "Time to Fly" was released in 2004, in Norway, on my own label "MyStory Productions". The album received a fair amount of airplay on Norwegian radio and sold about 500 copies.

In 2005 I was offered a recording deal with the label "Park Grammofon". I went into studio the fall of 2005, supplied more stuff in 2006 - and finally mixed the album in 2007. The release has been delayed by several reasons, but while waiting for the release, the radio single "Time" was listed for 11 weeks on Norwegian Radio (NRK P1 - Dec. 06-Feb. 07) - and I also released the two duets from the album with my favorite singer, Trond Granlund, in 2007. The complete album was released February 4th, 2008.

With good help from producer Vidar Lunden at Park Grammofon - and the kind and very talented musicians Kjetil Steensnæs, Torstein Lofthus, Kjetil Dalland, Torjus Vierli, Palle Wagnberg, Øivind Nilsen, Roar Vangen and Anders Rogg with more - the album is based on live sessions in the studio. The songs vary from slow, roots ballads to alternative progressive pop/rock songs.

These days; I perform live in a trio format - with Roar Vangen and Øivind R. Nilsen. I also sing and co-write with the band "Zoo Lounge "; a our first album is recorded at with Lars Lien at Larsville. Release date TBA 2009. The song "Jasmin" from "Great White" is due to be released on a compilation album (Canadian Label) "Violet Femmes II". Available on Amazon.com and iTunes late January, 2009. In the fall of 2008 I very much enjoyed touring with Akershus Teater 's "Kvinnestemmer" (Women's Voices) . I wrote some of the music being used in the play-, among others - two songs in Norwegian (so far I have only been writing in English, so this was an exiting experience for me).

My albums are vailable on ITunes, Platekompaniet and most places where music is sold online.

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